What's Inspected

Believe it or not, an inspector may look at over 500 details of a house in an inspection! The major components of inspection are as follows:

Grading and Drainage
Interior and Exterior walls
Fireplace and chimney
Roof covering
Roof Structure
Porches and decks
Appliances (built-in) such as dishwasher, disposer, microwave, oven, etc.
Water Heater
Heating System
Air Conditioning System
Electrical systems
Plumbing and fixtures
Garage door, electric or otherwise
And much more!

There are even more items and details inspected than what is listed here. Our inspections are conducted to the highest standards in the industry. Ellis County Home Inspections meets or exceeds the Standards of Practice set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission. If you are interested in reading the complete list of inspected items as required by the Standards of Practice, they are available at the TREC website.  http://www.trec.state.tx.us/pdf/rules/TRECrules.pdf

To ask questions or book an inspection, call Andy at 972-978-8875