Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging (or Infrared) Cameras are the latest and greatest tools in the home inspection industry and Ellis County Home Inspections is leading the way!  In the hands of a trained professional, this technology can find issues that are invisible to the naked eye!  Thermal Imaging is great at detecting unseen moisture or water leaks and much more.  Under the right conditions, missing insulation sticks out like a GIANT soar Thumb in the Infrared spectrum!  (just take a look at the photo below!)  Plumbing leaks, roof leaks, overheating electrical issues and more can all be extended beyond just the visual inspection while remaining non-destructive. 

infrared photo"I consider my camera [Thermal Imaging Camera] to be one of my most important tools in conducting a thorough inspection.  It's one of the things that sets us apart from our competition.  Not everyone can see what we can see.  We include a thermal imaging scan with every home inspection an.  I have had 'bargain shoppers' ask how much less it would be if I skipped the scan, but I tell them that I don't do that.  I've just found too much stuff with the camera that you can't see without it.  My liability and theirs is reduced when hidden issues are revealed by the camera."  Andy Hinz, Professional Inspector

Thermal Imaging VideoYour inspection will be conducted by a trained professional who understands Thermal Imaging and how it relates to building science. 

The photo on the right will link you to a YouTube video that is short and sweet and demonstrats the "magic" of Thermal Imaging.  Take a look.  Just click the image to the right.

Thermal Imaging is a new concept to most consumers.  If you want to learn the full scoop on this technology, then you've got to watch this video, "A Consumer's Guide to Infrared Thermography."  My friend (and thermal imaging instructor) John McKenna, has put together a really informative video on the subject.  Just click the image below. It's about 28 minutes long, so get some popcorn ready!Thermal Imaging Video

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