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Here's where we get down to business!  If you'd like to book an inspection, or request more information from us on pricing and our services, please submit this form.  You will receive a response within 1 business day.  If you need faster confirmation, please call Andy at 972-978-8875.

Please enter your name. (If agent if filling out this form, enter your client's name)

Please enter your email address (If agent is filling out this form, enter your clients email address)

Please enter a number where we can contact you. (If you are the agent, please enter your clients phone #)

Please include address, city, must be in Texas.

Please enter in the approximate square footage of the property

What year was the home built?  Estimated year is OK is not certain.

Select the foundation type.  Pier and beam foundations require an extra charge due to the labor involved in crawling under the house.

Please enter your real estate agents name and phone #. (if you have one) 

Please enter in the date that you'd like the inspection to occur on. We will confirm the date with you via phone or email.

We do not perform wood destroying insect (WDI) inspections, but we will schedule yours if you request one.  In Texas, it requires someone to have a pest control licensce to perform WDI inspections.  This service is $75 for a slab foundation or $90 for pier and beam.  (plus tax)

If someone referred you to us, please let us know so we may thank them.  If it wasn't a person, you may enter:  google, yellowpages, phonebook, or whatever sourse led you to our website. 

Please enter in any additional comments or questions about the inspection that you may have.

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